Modesty is precious

Meet Amanti


When I was young I always experienced a lot of love for the hijab, I always knew I wanted to wear it, but I never had a specific goal. About the age of 13 I started wearing my hijab. I went to an Islamic high school where all girls wore the hijab. So this step was very easy for me. There was no conscious choice for me to wear the hijab.

When I was older I started to read more about the hijab, what exactly is the hijab? What is it meant for and why should a woman actually wear a hijab? From this day I had a goal: wearing the hijab as perfectly as possible to please Allah swt. But anyone who knows me knows that I love fashion too. How do you do that? Wear the hijab correctly and look fashionable?

To look fashionable and modest I always went to my aunt ‘Galti Fatima’. She made the most beautiful abayas and dresses for me. I always felt covered and comfortable in the pieces she made me. I was often asked where I bought my clothes and that’s where the idea was born. Amanti!

Maybe you already wear a hijab, but you struggle with your self-confidence and you need motivation and inspiration. Or you don't wear the hijab yet, but you want to dress more modestly. Either way, Amanti is here for you. We hope to inspire and motivate you to wear the hijab and be proud of it!

Fun fact: Amanti is a derivation of my daughter's name Amaanah. Amanti, my Amaanah. The translation of this is 'the entrusted'. As Allah swt has entrusted your body to you. So take good care of it. ♥️